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Staff Training

Our expertise lies in crafting staff programs that engage your team right from the start.
We excel at bringing them out of their comfort zones in non-threatening ways.
Moreover, we also equip them with practical tools and activities for hands-on application.

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Where We Thrive


For sleep-away or day camps, the early days of staff training can be overwhelming with lots of information and people from diverse backgrounds. We focus on building connections, setting the right tone for summer, and providing practical tools through hands-on activities that staff can later share with their campers.


Be it private or NGO’s we bring the staff together and help create trust with one another. We do this through meaningful conversations, connection activities, movement, songs, games and more.  
Your staff will be asking when can GES come back.


Perfect for starting the year, integrate new staff, and create memorable moments. Also for Professional Development during the year, providing them valuable tools and fostering camaraderie.

Live or Virtual

We will get your team connecting with each other through different activities where they can be themselves and find a common sense of unity.

Flexible programs

We adapt to your needs. Be it a 15 minute energizer with 80 participants or a 2 hr program with 200.

Way of working

Cooperation, communication, creativity, leadership, team building, team bonding, active listening, story telling, group integration and fun.

Success stories

Uncover the influence we’ve had on their businesses, as told by our delighted clients.

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