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¿Have you ever wanted to sing on Rosh Hashanah and you couldn´t find the right song? 


With that in mind Silvio Berlfein (Israeli dance choreographer and educator) and Marcelo Barski (musician/band leader) decided to create a song for families around the world to sing for the celebration of the Jewish New Year.

The original goal was just the song, but since Silvio is an Israeli dance choreographer he decided to reach out to his network of Israeli dance teachers and launched a Line Dance Contest.
After that they thought: “Why not create a fun, colorful musical video?”
So they contacted choreographer Ariadna Faerstein, in Argentina, who not only had dancers and actors, but great ideas as well.

After going back and forth, Silvio and Marcelo agreed upon a number of things they wanted and 
Ariadna presented her idea beat by beat. 
Argentina was in quarantine so that meant getting permits, wishing for good weather and having the actors/dancers learn the English and Spanish lyrics. In 3 weeks she made it happen.

Rish Hashanah
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It´s time to celebrate


Silvio created the lyrics and Marcelo created the original music and arrangement, but he wanted a more modern, contemporary sound. That’s where Argentine Jewish Band “La Kosher Nostra” came in and orchestrated the song.

So, born in Miami by two Argentines, with singers from Miami, NY and Cuba, audio and video production in Argentina, “It’s Rosh Hashanah” was born.
Now they are ready to take on their next project. Hannukah ? Purim ? Stay tuned…


would you contribute


This project was created without financial support. If you liked it and it is within your possibilities, please contribute. This would help us continue to create more Jewish celebration in song and video. 


Oren Halaly, Israel

Oren Halaly, Israel

I loved it, such an uplifting fun video. Will pass to all my friends. Shana Tova & Toda

Lili Szlufman, Magical Moments, Miami

Lili Szlufman, Magical Moments, Miami

What a beautiful song and even better video. When I heard the song I started using it in all of my classes with children. And now I even put it in my children show. Thank you Silvio and Marcelo for this gift. 

Ruben Segal, Buenos Aires

Singing, dancing, smiles and sharing happiness in such a colorful way.   Thanks for such positive energy at a time that we need it. Congrats. Shana Tova

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